The Timbers Club at Snowmass

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Description: The Timbers Club at Snowmass is an exclusive, service-oriented, member-owned, private residence club. The Club consists of 36 beautifully appointed three-bedroom residences and an elegant Clubhouse. The Timbers Club is located right on the slopes, with direct ski access just outside your door at the base of the Assay Hill ski lift. Although the Owners are commonly refered as "Members," each Member actually owns a deeded 1/8 undivided interest as tenants-in-common in one of the 36 Timbers Club three-bedroom residences. All Owners have equal rights of usage of all 36 three-bedroom residences. Ownership is evidenced by a real estate deed, recorded in the county records and insured by a title insurance policy. Your deeded 1/8 undivided interest can be mortgaged, willed, placed in a trust, owned by a corporation, and so on. Your Timbers Club interest can be resold by you or a licensed real estate agent, subject to the Condominium Declarations and Bylaws. There is a restriction on resale until such time as the developer has sold the 288 three-bedroom ownership interests.
65 Timbers Club Court
Snowmass Village